How to write for the media

Upskilling a Local Authority team

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How to write for the media

As part of our work with a Local Authority, we were asked to provide training for members of the in-house communication team, focusing on how to write effective press releases for the media.

The brief

Local Authorities (LAs) are constantly approached by journalists looking for comment. However, this LA wanted to be more proactive and to upskill its team members with the tools and techniques they need to write effective press releases to secure positive media coverage. 


We put together a bespoke training workshop for the selected members of the team, shaping the session around their differing levels of experience and knowledge. 

The session included:

  • Tailored writing exercises with feedback
  • Learning about when a press release is required - and when it's not
  • A review of both positive and negative examples of press releases


The results

The feedback from the LA team was wholly positive and spurred the team on to put in place a programme of proactive press releases.