Things your PR agency can help you with (that you may not realise!)

When people think PR, most imagine press release writing or media interviews and yes, while media relations certainly does play a key role in what we do for our clients, PR and communication is about much more than that. 

Here, we share some other areas of your business that we can also support with, that you may not have realised:


We love delivering bespoke training sessions and workshops. From media training to developing strategic plans, to copywriting classes, we’ve worked with both public and private sector organisations right across the UK to upskill their teams and empower staff to take the reigns themselves.

We offer training in everything from press release writing to strategy creation. If you’re interested in what options we could offer you and your team, please do get in touch.

Crisis scenarios

We’re also experienced in handling reputational crises and supporting our clients in preparing for if and when the worst happens.

Our crisis scenario tests put your team through their paces, testing your organisation’s crisis plan and exploring how your team communicate when the pressures on.

It’s always fascinating to see how teams react under pressure and the sessions often enable organisations to identify areas for improvement, before things go wrong.

Internal communication

Communicating effectively with your employees is vital. We work with clients to put in place internal communication strategies, including conducting focus groups and surveys to benchmark progress.

We then identify the best ways of communicating effectively with your teams and deliver the right tools for you to use moving forward.

Stakeholder engagement

Equally, PR and communication needs to consider every audience, including your organisation’s stakeholders. This could be local residents, investors, or your business’s supplier network.

We can work with you to identify every stakeholder audience group and the best way to reach them, through a variety of strategic and creative tactics to ensure they’re both engaged and informed.


And, last but not least, if you’re not sure where to start with your PR and communication activity, we can conduct an audit.

This in-depth process allows us to explore every element of your business’s communication, assessing what’s working – and what’s not, as well as how to rectify and improve what you’re doing, in line with your wider business goals.



Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash