Five unexpected places you can find PR stories in your business

When it comes to media relations, a great story with a strong newshook is the stuff of PR dreams. Yet, all too often, we hear companies say they’ve not got anything interesting going on - well, at Sidekick, we beg to differ.

Here we share some of the places companies can usually find a hidden PR gem:

Team meetings

Your people are the ones out there doing business all day long. They’re meeting customers and working on the front line – and usually pick up a great story or two along the way.

Perhaps one of them has solved a big problem for a customer? Or they’ve reached a milestone in their own career? They could have gained valuable industry insights from their conversations with customers and can comment on trends or opportunities within your sector.

Gather your team and really listen to what they’ve been up to during their working days, you never know what you might uncover.

Customer feedback

Whether it’s a customer survey or a product or service review, taking the time to look through customer feedback can often uncover stories or case studies that bring your organisation’s purpose to life.

Has your business transformed someone’s way of life or the way they do things? Can you notice common themes running through feedback that could be turned into a thought leadership angle or news story?

Overarching customer feedback scores can also be used as strong evidence when it comes to award entries, too, demonstrating customer loyalty, satisfaction improvement or sentiment shifts on the back of an action carried out by your organisation.

Your history

Looking back at your company’s history is another great way to identify news stories that make the cut. Company anniversaries and employee milestones often provide a good talking point for a piece about how a business has evolved over the years and the changes you and your team have seen in that time.

Consider how you could use old photographs or even video footage to bring historic stories to life and show your audience just how far you’ve come since then.


Whether it’s your suppliers, your company’s neighbours, a charity partner, or even your clients, think about the partnerships you have in place and how you can use them to tell your company’s story.

Perhaps you’ve worked hand-in-hand with another business to create a new product or service? Or you’re raising money for a charity that’s close to your organisation’s heart?

It’s also worth considering what partnerships you could establish to widen your network and raise the profile of your organisation. This is an important part of what we do at Sidekick, and we’ve helped clients to do this numerous times, facilitating introductions to the right people at the right time to create meaningful working relationships that benefit both organisations.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash