Sidekick’s Eve Worthington gives us the lowdown on PR Fest - a leading festival of PR.

We love to learn here at Sidekick PR and we recently had a really exciting opportunity to build on our professional development by attending PR Fest in Edinburgh.

PR Fest is a chance for likeminded PR practitioners from across the UK to come together to learn, share and collaborate. Professional development is as its heart, as well as providing a safe place for discussion, thinking and the opportunity to help each other.

The more informal and relaxed vibe where people can listen, learn and also feel able to contribute to the discussions is a real strength of the event. And not forgetting the obligatory networking!

A practical approach also means you leave knowing what you need to do in your own business and how you can implement it.

There were some great speakers covering a range of topics. Here are three of my key learning points from the event:

1.      Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Ignore AI at your peril! It may seem scary (it quite possibly is!) but as the varying digital roles merge into one another it is vital that PR folk understand the technology involved. And there is only one way to start – test and try. There are a whole host of tools out there and a new world to embrace… and quickly!

2.      Digital Ads

There is a greater need to work more closely with colleagues and agencies who are experts in digital ads and to bring this much more into the PR mix. The ability to target audiences adds fantastic value and clients needs to be educated on the difference it can make.

3.      Crisis comms

When the trainer becomes the trainee! Here at Sidekick we offer crisis training as a service so it was great to have the boot on the other foot and take part in in a crisis simulation. It was interesting to work as a team, with people Id not met before and see how I responded to the pressure!

So, thank you Edinburgh (what a glorious city, by the way!) for having us and to PR Fest for giving us a chance to take time out of the busy day-to-day to reflect on our practice but also open our minds to the way the industry is changing.