Crisis preparedness should be high up on every business’s agenda and we were pleased to work with a shopping centre team in Hull recently, to help them test the centre’s emergency plans.

The centre, recognising the need to assess its plans, asked Sidekick PR to deliver a full day, tabletop crisis scenario test.

With clear aims and objectives set out for the training we went into research mode and built a credible scenario to put the management team and their plans under the microscope.

As with all crisis testing, the hot debrief provided lots of learning points and suggested changes to the plan.

The centre manager said that the training went above and beyond his expectations and that he thought it was excellent.

Kirstie Nickson, director of Sidekick PR said: “We know that many businesses have emergency plans in place but we also know that many of these live in a draw and never get tested. This is why so many businesses fail when it comes to managing crisis situations, the teams are simply not equipped or ready for what they are facing.

“We believe that annual testing is a must because things can change so much in a 12 month period, from personnel and legislation, to the media and stakeholders.”

If you are going to invest in anything in 2019, we’d say invest in protecting your reputation with crisis scenario training. A good reputation can take years to build and can be shattered in minutes!