New Year means only one thing… resolutions and lots of them! In our latest blog, Team Sidekick give an insight into what’s going to be new for each of them in 2019.


 I’ve made a number of personal New Year’s resolutions, I do every year because I like targets, goals and things to aim for. A number of these resolutions will also make a difference in my working life as well as home life, no not the one about finally learning to put eyeliner on, the ones about making the most of what you’ve got and being braver. 

Making the most of what you’ve got is not about standing still and not developing, far from it, it is about recognising your skills and using them at every opportunity. It is about being self-aware and knowing your strengths. We could all do this more.

Being brave in business can be what helps you to stand out from the crowd and as we get ready to enter our fourth year as Sidekick PR we need to remember this. We’ll be working differently and being much braver in our approach to delivering the best strategic communication for our clients that we possibly can.

Next year’s might need to be to stick to word counts as I was asked for 100 words but now have 190! 


I’ve got be honest and admit that this is the first year I have ever really thought about doing proper New Year resolutions. Life moves to fast for me to ponder on what they could be for too long. And then there’s actually committing to them! So, as any meaningful goals should be, my resolution(s) for 2019 are realistic and achievable and that’s why I have picked just one! Drum roll please…

I’m going to read more. It scares me to say that I can’t even remember the last time I actually read a full book from cover to cover. Action is desperately needed.

I am determined to get absorbed in a good novel and takes things from there. I’m also extending this out to industry publications too so my work life sees the benefit of what reading and learning can bring. Watch this space!


I’m a total sucker for a New Year’s resolution. Every January I write a list of ways I will improve myself, be it getting down the gym more or vowing not to worry as much. Some I stick to, some I don’t. Fact is, I’ve always got a new mission or idea to embark on and sometimes, life just gets in the way.

That’s why, this year – after a friend referred to me as ‘the Queen of Phases’ I’m refusing to call my goals and ambitions ‘New Year resolutions’.

Instead, they’re just actions on my usual ‘to do’ list.

Yes, I want to do more creative writing, see my family more, do more professional development, keep building Sidekick and – of course, as I say every year – to get fit.

By thinking of these as longer term goals and breaking them down into monthly, weekly and daily actions I’m confident I’ll have more success and hang up my Queen of Phases crown once and for all.