In our latest blog, Eve Worthington reflects on the success of a recent campaign.

There is nothing more satisfying then looking back on a project and not only surpassing the targets set out in the planning stages but also seeing real outcomes from the work you have done.

Here at Sidekick PR, we have been really pleased to work on a month-long campaign with the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) celebrating reaching the remarkable milestone of establishing 100 support groups for people living with tinnitus across the UK. We were tasked with raising awareness of this achievement in the local and regional media.

Now, as I sit here and reflect back on what I have to admit has been a really enjoyable project to be involved in, I thought I’d share some of the things that stand out as being key to its success.


You can’t possibly know where you are going if you don’t know where you are starting from. Understanding this starting point was the best place to begin and from there we set what we wanted to achieve… with the help of a few SMART goals!

This project was a real collaboration between us and the BTA. We jointly agreed the objectives so we all knew what we were aiming for and how we were going to do it which gave us all a very clear focus.


As part of the planning stage, we set a beginning and an end to our campaign and then broke down all the different elements into stages. It really helped us know who was doing what and kept us on track to deliver.

Knowing your media

Crucial to this campaign was engaging with the nation’s local and regional media and ensuring we were targeting the right publications, in the right places.

This meant reviewing and researching publications right across the UK and their patches thoroughly so that we could hit where we wanted to reach, as effectively as possible.

Telling the stories of people with tinnitus who access support groups in a range of different areas was essential - finding the relevant media in those areas, and developing a newsline that would hook them in and get their interest, even more so. Putting in the time at the beginning to do this meant we reaped the rewards later when it came to the coverage gained.


PR is about outcomes and not outputs and this couldn’t be better demonstrated than in this project. The PR tactics we adopted and subsequent media coverage helped drive interest for new groups to be established in Inverness, Cornwall, Hull and Worcester.

In addition, individual page views increased to the BTA’s Find a Support Group page.


I honestly think that you do your best work when you truly believe in what you are doing. Working with the BTA, a national charity, gives you a sense that you are a part of something bigger and helping, in a small way, to make a difference to the lives of people with this difficult condition. It really was a privilege to talk to the numerous case studies around the country who wanted to share their tinnitus story. Enjoying what you do and working with a smile on your face makes all the difference!