In the first of our Meet the Team blogs, we introduce director Charlotte Dimond - one of only a handful of CIPR Chartered PR practitioners in the UK. 

What's your name? 

Charlotte Dimond

How did you come to work in the PR industry? 

By chance! I’m that old I didn’t really know about PR, I knew I wanted to write and that I wanted that to be a part of my life, I drafted a joke press release to and sent it to an agency and they called me up and said come and work with us, that was 19 years ago, the rest, as they say is history.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Sidekick PR?

The people. Be that the people I chose to go into business with or the clients we choose to work with, I believe that strong relationships make a huge difference in the world of PR and surrounding yourself with the right people makes the job easier

What do you think the future holds for the PR industry?

It has already changed in the last 19 years hugely, no more faxing out of news stories or cutting out of coverage (yes, we all did it!). Thankfully now PR plays a much more strategic role and one of the reasons that I went for Chartered PR status two years ago was because I believe in the PR Profession and the key elements that Chartered Status focuses on; strategy, ethics and leadership

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’ve just finished a Masters in Strategic Communication, so there has been no outside of work for a while, but now that is done I’m back to enjoying Book Club, my British Sign Language classes and holidays!