This month sees us enter our third year in business and what better time to take a moment or two to pause and reflect on where we are.

In the two years since Sidekick Public Relations Limited was launched, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of organisations right across the UK - from medical device suppliers in London to life-size T-Rex dinosaurs in Newcastle, and everything in between.

So what have been the highlights of our business journey and what have we learnt along the way? Here are our top three picks.

1.       Surrounding yourself with good people brings good things

Our team may be small, but together we achieve a hell of a lot and that’s down to our positive attitude and our unwavering support for each other, as well as the fantastic organisations we work with.

We set out to only work with people and companies that excite and inspire us, who are enjoyable to work with and who understand the value of strategic PR.

This means it’s truly a pleasure doing business with each and every one of our 21 clients. We work with their teams as if we’re an integrated part of their business, with many saying they simply couldn’t imagine being without us now.

And, we have a lot of fun doing it!

2.       Honesty is the best policy – always

So many PR agencies promise their clients the moon on a stick. Not us.

We know how the media works, what journalists and influencers are looking for and what platforms can be utilised to help businesses achieve their objectives.

So, if we don’t think something is going to work we’ll tell you - and we’ll suggest an alternative route or method that will help you get where you want to be.

Our clients value this honest approach and our expertise and it’s what allows us to get meaningful results for the businesses we work with.

3.       You don’t need to be chained to your desk to do great business

Life doesn’t always work around being in one location every day from 9-5 and with four children, three cats and a trio of guinea pigs between us(!) flexibility is key within our business.

From the outset we’ve cherished this flexible approach, focusing our growth plans on creating a virtual PR agency, with a hub located at Kelham Island in Sheffield that we use for creative brainstorms, team meetings and client catch ups, while maintaining our ability to work from anywhere.

Additionally, our trusted network of carefully selected freelancers help us out from various locations around the UK on specific projects we require support or a different skillset on.

The benefits? We can keep overheads to a minimum, which benefits our clients, and we’re able to maintain a good work-life balance that enables us to offer an even better, friendly and sustainable business for years to come.