In our latest blog, Eve Worthington takes a look at the positive impact flexible working and technology has on her busy life.

If I was asked honestly how to sum up my life in three words juggle, juggle and yes, you’ve guessed it, juggle spring instantly to mind!

As well as being a director of Sidekick, I am a mum to three young daughters. I am lucky to have the support of my husband too but he also has a demanding full time job and has to manage the ‘juggle’ the best he can, too. It’s certainly a joint effort.

I love both aspects of my life but there is no doubt that there are times when my two worlds collide, sometimes spectacularly! But a recent example of this just proved to me how, with the luxury of flexible working, (almost!) anything is possible.

I’d had a lovely week off with the family and on the Sunday my mind turned to work and what I had planned the following week. I checked through my diary and my 9.30am board meeting the next day stood out as a priority. I was woken the next morning by my husband who was off on an early train to Birmingham and then by a message from my colleague, her son was unwell and she was unable to make it to the office. I pondered the options as my girls started to rise from their slumbers – let’s cancel and rearrange I thought as I skimmed through the next few days looking for a suitable slot. It didn’t look hopeful.

Next minute, I hear ‘Mum I don’t feel very well’ and it soon became clear I was in the same boat as my colleague - a poorly child so unable to make it in either.

I was straight on our WhatsApp group to convey the unfortunate news feeling extremely guilty as I typed the words. But as is par for the course for the Sidekick team, two ill children was not going to get in our way! After settling our little ones on their respective sofas with duvets, water bottles, and DVDs on hand we were able to conduct our board meeting over the most useful medium of Skype,

I always love a face-to-face catch up with my Sidekickers but when needed technology plays a vital part. But so does the ethos of a company. Having the support and understanding of my fellow directors to a flexible working approach made all the difference to my life that day. I realised after that experience, I am guilt-free. And it felt great!

Having the ability to be flexible and use the technology we have available at our finger tips means we can be more productive and organised as we make our time count and, importantly, the work always get done. Admittedly, this may sometimes be at strange times of the day or night but my phone is always nearby to keep an eye on emails and take calls. Our clients know we are committed and there when they really do need us.

At the beginning of this blog I called flexible working a luxury but it really shouldn’t be, it should be a given. It’s an opportunity to support people to be productive in their working lives but also to help them do what matters the most - lead an enjoyable life whilst taking care of themselves and their families. For me, the daily juggle continues but the all-important flexibility is there and that makes life easier. I can’t ask for more.