Here at Sidekick we work with a variety of freelance professionals, each one tried and tested to ensure their skill-sets fit in and support our diverse range of client requirements. We invited Matthew Drew - one of our regular contributors - to give an insight into his journey from graduate to a fully fledged freelance Sidekicker!

Training as a journalist at university taught me many vital skills, but one lesson stood out above all the rest. I realised I loved producing my work and it gave me such pleasure to see words I had written published somewhere, but it never bothered me that my name was attached. I felt stifled by those around me who turned themselves into an advertising campaign, getting their name in lights whenever possible.

Anybody trying to work their way into just about any job nowadays often has to leap over hurdles of over-subscribed work placements and internships, and a lack of opportunities. Having your name out there is so important in helping you get ahead. It's what you need to do in this world but it just wasn't me.

Then a light bulb switched on and I found PR. I could do the work I loved, without the personalised and competitive nature of it all.

It felt perfect, but there was one problem. I had many of the base skills needed, such as writing and research, but I had never learnt how to apply these to the job.

That's when I applied for a work placement at Sidekick PR and I haven't looked back since.

Meeting this lovely, genuine team of hard-working individuals was a breath of fresh air. They showed me the ropes and luckily, they seemed to like me.

Since May 2017 I have been working for Sidekick PR on a freelance basis. They have given me regular shifts throughout the year, as well as the advice and support I need to work my way into the industry. I work with them regularly enough that we keep up to date with each other, but not enough for them to get sick of me or for Eve and I to have a spat about our respective football teams.

The confidence they have shown in me, and in turn helped to instil in myself, has been immeasurable and hugely appreciated.

And what's more, I can do this from anywhere in the world. Some days I have been working next to the comforting whir of my coffee machine at home and others I have been shielding myself from the sun on a balcony on the Costa del Sol. Somebody's got to do it, eh?