Three senior managers at one of our London-based clients recently took a day out of their busy working roles to spend time in front of a camera. We put them through their paces being interviewed for a crisis scenario, the broadcast and print media. 

Throughout the day we provided them with the relevant knowledge and tips to enable them to deliver a good interview and talked in great detail about what makes a terrible interview, sadly this is an area with plenty of examples online to explore! 

They each did three interviews and the difference between the first and the last was staggering. The feedback we received from this day was fantastic, they all felt that they had learned a great deal and would be more confident now if faced with an interview request.

The journey doesn’t end there. This is something that we’ll be encouraging them to build on and revisit at least annually. Being crisis ready is not just about having a plan in a draw that gets dusted off when you need it, it is about being prepared, up to date with any training needs and ready to talk. 

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