Following on from the successful delivery of the Share Your Sound campaign for the British Tinnitus Association, Eve Worthington takes a closer look at the best approach for campaign planning.

I say ‘the art of’ because gone are the days of a press release and a quick call to a few media contacts to get your message across.

The multi-faceted face of the media has grown beyond recognition in recent years and that has meant the dawn of a new approach to campaign planning. A more creative one in fact.

What do you want to achieve? This is still the most important question to ask at the beginning and from there you can develop your creatives and then work out which channels will best get your message out to who you want to reach.

There are a lot of balls to juggle so it is important to plan well and decide how all the different elements of the campaign, be it media relations, advertising, marketing or social media, will fit together to achieve your overall aim.

Getting this all down on paper in a digestible format works well – so you and your team know where you are going and how you are getting there. It’s also important to agree on the essentials. For example, how long will the campaign run for, what will the costings be and who do you have available to speak out and become the faces of the campaign whether that be relevant case studies or spokespeople from your organisation

Don’t forget the world has gone digital! A clear social media plan goes without saying now – do your research. Bloggers are an incredible opportunity and developing online contacts has worked really well for us in a number of campaigns lately.

Engagement is also key to connecting with people – show an interest in what your audience is saying and join in on the conversation.

Campaigns can have so many different elements it can be difficult to keep focus at times but always remember what your message is. Keep everything tight and on track by referring back to your initial plan to make sure you haven’t gone off on a tangent.

Finally, evaluation. There is no point running a campaign without knowing how you are going to measure it. Coverage gained, social media stats such as engagement and reach go hand in hand with any call to actions like hits to the relevant website, or in the case of Share Your Sound, how many GP packs people downloaded and the number of calls made to the helpline. This is how you will know for sure if your campaign has been a success or not.