With Halloween upon us, it's time to talk business nightmares and take a look at what companies can do to make sure they’re prepared for the worst. 

Minutes, just minutes. 

That’s how long it can take to damage your company’s reputation irreversibly, thanks to the rise of social media and our constantly ‘switched-on’ society. 

Whether it’s an unhappy customer or disgruntled employee taking to Twitter, or a full-scale disaster that’s brought your business and its services to a halt – you never know what’s around the corner. Stories break quicker than ever and, if you’re not prepared, it’s your company’s hard earned status that’s at risk. 

So how can you prepare for something you’re not expecting? Follow the age old adage and ‘prepare for the worst, hope for the best.’

Look at the threats

Start by evaluating every area of your business and asking yourself what could go wrong. Make a list of the possible scenarios your company could face. Remember, sometimes the biggest crises to hit an organisation are the ones it least expected. 

Create a plan

Think hard about the potential scenarios. Do you have the right systems in place to deal with a crisis? Is there a contingency plan to ensure your business can continue its operations as normally as possible? 

Think about your senior management team. Are they trained and capable of answering tough questions from the media? Have you got the know-how and resources to manage social media comments and questions quickly and effectively? 

Now is a good time to put together a crisis communications plan, considering everything from the chain of command within your organisation to media interview skills. 

Take action now

For scenarios that have a higher risk of occurring, try and prepare as much as you can, now. 

It goes without saying that you won’t know the exact details of a situation until it happens, but by putting in time and effort now to create resources such as staff protocols and draft media materials, as well as even running through mock crisis scenarios with your team, you can make sure you’re as well equipped as possible should the worst happen. 

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